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2009-08-14 14:02:37 by thirstycanvas

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Andrew Bird- Noble Beast- August 14, 2009-Album Review

Andrew Bird's "Noble Beast" is a lush album full of passionate violins, flowing percussion, and thoughtful guitars. Although Bird's lyrics tend to be esoteric, the timbre of his voice makes me feel right at home, and of course, his whistling is no less enchanting.
The fidelity of the recording is immense. The pizzicato strings have plenty of space to breath and the layers of guitars and supporting vocals never compromise the overall sound. My only qualm is that some tracks, like Masterswarm, contain material that could function as stand-alone songs. I was a little thrown off by the contrast between the two passages, but once I gave myself over to Bird's artist vision, I enjoyed it even more.
Overall, "Noble Beast" has a pure, captivating energy that is well-balanced and designed to carry the listener forward on a journey somewhere between the past and the future.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

Song Recommendation: Oh No

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